Magic Notebook Movie Project

Hello Everyone! This is Chinese Whispers ASMR and I am happy to welcome you to my website, which is entirely dedicated to my ‘Magic Notebook’ movie project.
The idea to make an ASMR movie came to me completely unexpectedly. I realised that I want to film an ASMR movie which would contain lots of amazing triggers and connect them all into a single work.
I have lots of ideas and pictures in my mind that I would like to feature in my movie, which will be a lot more than a simple 2-3 hour ASMR triggers video, but a complete art film with a plot that would lead the viewer through a variety of geographical locations and environments alongside all the amazing triggers that normally appear in great ASMR videos. 
I do not know how much time such a project will require but I know that it’s worth the time investment and will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. 
This website will contain a range of photographs and short film excerpts from the movie making process as well as a blog following the progress of the film. I will also post some of my regular ASMR videos from YouTube which I intend to continue making. 

1 thought on “Magic Notebook Movie Project”

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